Samantha Evans works very hard to assure that people have a good time.

Samantha Evans works very hard to assure that people have a good time. As the events coordinator for the Crowder College Foundation, she was very busy recently putting the tables in place and adding the special decorations for the Evening of Jazz at the Neosho Civic.

Evans, who has worked with the foundation for three years, began her career as an intern while she was still a student at Pittsburg State University.

"My degree was in marketing, but I never thought I would get a job like this one. I really love it," she said. "It's very rewarding."

Besides the jazz concert, Evans works other events including the Festival of Wreaths each winter. The Festival of Wreaths is a year long job.

"We work it all the time," Evans said. "It's our biggest fundraiser."

Since the work of the foundation is to raise money for scholarships, Evans especially likes the scholarship dinner.

More than 200 students have applied for scholarships this year. According to Evans, each applicant will receive money.

"We try to balance the money out. We know that some kids get lots of scholarships and some get none," she said. "We look at need as well as scholarship."

Evans like the scholarship dinner because all the kids who get scholarships are there and they are seated with the person or the people from a company which gave the scholarship.

"The donors take such an interest in the students and it's very good to see the interaction," Evans said. "I really look forward to this dinner because you see the results from all your work."

Of course, before any dinner or banquet takes place, Evans and her crew of students get everything ready. They set up tables and put the cloths, napkins and silver in place. They make or put together the table decorations. Then, in the background, Evans watches to see that everything goes smoothly.

Late at night, when the party is over, Evans begins tearing down the tables. That's when she gets some special help.

"The soccer team comes in and helps us clean up and tear down," Evans said. "They can break down tables and take down decorations in a big hurry."

Evans loves her job, even when it hot and sweaty. But she feels rewarded by it when the scholarships are given. "I know these scholarships—even the little ones—make a difference to those kids."

And her love of making a difference is why Samantha Evans is this week's good neighbor.