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by Antonio Prokup
Proposal for Sophomore Bully Script
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By Antonio Prokup
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May 2, 2013 11:29 a.m.

Takes place at the bus stop & school, a teenage girl named Faith has met the most popular boy “Zach”
and they have started to communicate by texting. He leads her on to believe that she’s beautiful, but is just planning to break her heart.
When the bus pulls up and faith gets on, nobody will let her sit with them because she’s not what they consider “popular”, and the boy she has been texting is the only who’ll let her sit down because it falls perfectly into his plan and everyone is laughing on the bus because she thinks he really likes her when he doesn’t.
Later, at school a group of the most beautiful popular girls find faith in the bathroom, they tell her that Zach wants to meet her after school at the play ground and the girls tell her that they want to give her a complete makeover because they want her to look pretty for him knowing it was just a joke.
Faith looks forward to this all day and once seventh hour bell rings she runs to the playground to find the group of girls who did her makeup and Zachwith one of the girls hanging all over him, the whole time their laughing at her & she finds herself in the fetal position, crying. Not knowing what’s going to happen next, when finally the whole group walks away, laughing hysterically.
Faith walks home, completely distraught and upset and once she finally reaches her house, she runs inside; seeing if anybody is home or not, she goes into her mom’s room to find out that she wasn’t there to console her, she walks into the bathroom to see what the girls had done to her & she realizes that they made her look hideous, without any hesitation she grabs the bottle of Vicodin her mom has on the counter, walks into her room, locks the door, writes a note & pops the full script.

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