The 45-degree weather didn't stop people from participating in the annual National Day of Prayer on Thursday.

The 45-degree weather didn't stop people from participating in the annual National Day of Prayer on Thursday.

Hosted by KNEO 91.7 FM, the event was scheduled for three times — 7 a.m., noon and 7 p.m. — on the Newton County Courthouse lawn.

"Today is the 62nd annual National Day of Prayer," said Mark Taylor, president of KNEO. "If we don't pray, we are going to fail. The country has a heritage in prayer, but it seems to be fading as we see secular society ignoring our roots as our nation's leaders that have prayed and honored God's word by doing the best that they could to run our country with godly principles. We expect God to receive our prayers and answer them, we must in return pay attention and heed His words of truth. Prayer should never be a performance, but a mighty force."

National Day of Prayer was created in 1952 by a joint resolution of the United States Congress, and signed into law by President Harry S. Truman. The National Day of Prayer is a day designated by the U.S. Congress as a day when all Americans regardless of faith are asked to come together and pray in their own way. Each year, the president signs a proclamation, encouraging all Americans to pray on this day.

"I challenge everyone to pray for our nation," Taylor said. "We are equipped, we have all of the tools that we need to accomplish the task before us. Even when we don't feel equipped, the spirit helps us in our weaknesses. When we pray, we pray by faith, the word in God encourages us that faith is certain. Prayer can always affect others because God always affects prayer."

During Thursday morning's event, Taylor emphasized to pray for not only our nation, but also others, including our leaders.

"We are very blessed here to have a county that has good leaders and people that respect the Bible and God," he said. "We need to pray for our school systems and we must pray for our military."

Taylor wanted to also let the people know to not just pray on the National Day of Prayer.

"We've definitely got to pray," he said. "And it has to continue to be a day of prayer and every day after this, we have got to step up our prayers. We have to put a lot of things aside that are taking our time up and spend more time with God and in prayer. He will show us what to do, everywhere in the Bible you could always see that His people were outnumbered, almost every time, God's people were out numbered yet most every time they were victorious when they prayed. They were always victorious when they seek God and they turned it over to Him. God has never told us to fight, He has always told us to stand and be prepared and watch Him fight for us. So that is what we must remember to do."

As far as praying, Taylor said, it is a form of communication.

"People must pray, because we are asked to, God asks us, that is the way He communicates with us. God communicates with us through prayer," Taylor said. "Prayer is the key, it is the centerpiece, is what everything God tells us to do, He expects us to pray, because He wants to converse with us. And that is how we converse with God."