I can't believe that it's May already and I really can't believe that the forecast is for snow.

I can't believe that it's May already and I really can't believe that the forecast is for snow. What in the world is going on? I mean we do live in Missouri but 86 degrees and motorcycle weather then two days later the low is in the 30s. That's a little crazy even for Missouri.

Weather is one of those things that everyone talks about and it's a pretty common part of most folk's daily conversations. It also seems that politics is on most people's minds. And, given my previous life as an elected official and my column, everyone seems to want to get my take on the many issues happening at the state and national levels. Of course, I'm usually not too shy to share my opinion on current events.

Often times people will start in on some hot issue and then ask how we got to where we are in this country. To tell you the truth that's not an easy question to answer but I can give you the most basic reason – because we have allowed it to happen. It's our own fault.

Now wait a minute you say. How is it my fault? I don't agree with a lot of the things that are going on in our country. I don't approve of the direction we are headed. Why do you say it's my fault? It's our fault because individually we are very vocal but collectively we are silent.

Remember what I said about sharing my opinions? Well, most of us aren't timid about sharing our opinions but then what do we do after sharing the opinion with your friends and neighbors? When was the last time you attended a school board or city council meeting? Or met with the County Commissioners? What about contacting your state or national elected officials? And, let's get down to the nitty gritty – do you vote every time there is an election?

People who feel passionate about a certain issue have to be willing to not only share their opinion but to also do something about it. Once upon a time I was a Jaycee and I remember a story someone told about the power of positive thinking. They said that you could stand in the road and have a positive mental attitude that the car coming at you wouldn't hit you. You could surround yourself with other like-thinking people and create a positive mental atmosphere that the car wouldn't hit you. But, unless you took some positive mental action and got your butt out of the middle of the road, there was a good chance that you were going to get run over.

That's what is lacking in this country – positive mental action on the part of much of our citizenry. For far too long many have sat back and by inaction let other people determine the direction of this country. I fully understand that not everyone shares my vision of this nation and that's OK. Our country was founded and people have died for the right to be able to express our opinions and to disagree.

But, I talk to a lot of people and read and listen to a multitude of news sources (not just one) and I just can't help but believe that a majority of our population are unhappy with what is happening in this country. The problem is that because of their inaction they have allowed those with opposing views that are willing to take action to set policies and make laws.

If a true majority of Americans want this country to go the direction that it's headed then, while I will still fight for my opinion, I can at least feel that the majority is ruling. But, when so many people sit on the sidelines and complain but don't act, it frustrates me because I feel that the vocal minority are ruling over the silent majority.

So, what do you need to do? Keep complaining but do more than complain. You can get mad but do more than watch your blood pressure rise. Take that positive mental action and get involved. Go to meetings, contact your elected officials, demand that the left-leaning national media do their job by writing the networks (or better yet – refuse to listen to them and tell their sponsors that you are doing that).
I don't know a lot but, this I do know. If we don't take act then someone else will and we might not agree with their philosophy. If that happens then who do we have to blame? I'll let you answer that one for yourself.

Kevin Wilson writes a weekly column for the Daily News.