A local business owner has donated his mother's Precious Moments Figurines, to a worthy cause.

GRANBY — A local business owner has donated his mother's Precious Moments Figurines, to a worthy cause.

On Wednesday, Jon Stouffer, owner of Stouffer Communications, met Kristi Seibert and Crystal Webster with Breast Cancer Foundation of the Ozarks at his parents (Dale and Shirley Stouffer) home in Granby.

"The best that I remembered is she (Shirley) started in the mid 1980s, 1985, or 1986," Stouffer said. "I think that it just started out just as a few pieces. I don't think she set out to build this vast collection. They kind of became popular at that time. A lot of the women were buying them, they started the groups where they got together, that all kind of started fueling I think."

Stouffer donated approximately 2,000 figurines to the foundation.

"She was big in BCFO and she was a (breast cancer) survivor," he said. "She always did a lot of charity work for them so I thought that would be a good organization for this to go to, instead of trying to sell them or whatever, (it) was to donate them to a really good cause that she would consider worthy."

Shirley passed away in 2007.

On Wednesday, BCFO volunteers cataloged each of the figurines — which were displayed in a glass case and boxes.

"The first thing that I look for is the little card tag, which is part of the boxing," Seibert said. "Then you look at the bottom of each of the figurines and it has a piece number and title. Then we look at the mark, the mark basically tells us what year of production that piece was made. Obviously, the first year of production is the most valuable. (Some) have signatures on it. Many, many of Mrs. Shirley Stouffer's pieces do have signatures or multiple signatures. We are using a database that we log in the piece number, we enter all of the different aspects of the piece and then it gives us a fair market value of it."
Seibert explained about the gift.

"This gift is huge to BCFO," she said. "For a lady like Mrs. Shirley Stouffer, this was something that she truly loved and she collected and obviously it meant a great deal to her. Mrs. Stouffer is a breast cancer survivor. I know that she would very much want her collection that she loved so much to bring about something good."
"I know that she would be happy," Stouffer added.

Seibert noted they don't know what the foundation will do with the 2,000 figurines, but did note they have talked about it.