Natalie McInturff received a special Mother’s Day gift on Friday afternoon at the Neosho Area Chamber of Commerce’s office, as she was named the chamber’s May Day Mom.

Her daughter, Reagan, a second grader at Goodman Elementary School, wrote an essay during a recent competition, which was open to second and third graders in the Neosho R-5 School District and Neosho Christian School.

The essay reads as follows, with original spellings intact: “My Mom is the best mom in the world because when my house burnt down my mom kept a roof over my head and food and water. And when I get sick she has medicin. And she alaways gives me hugs and kisses. And when I get hurt she takes care of me. And when its time to go to bed she tucks me in and sings a song. And in the mornings she gives me a big hug and says it’s the best part of the day. And after school she gives me hugs. And that’s why I think my mom is the best. I under stand if I don’t get picked its not about winning.”

Asked how pleased she was in receiving this recognition, Natalie said, “It is an honor, very humbling. I couldn’t be more proud of Reagan. My first thought was, ‘does she really have the right person?’ ” Laughing, Natalie continued, “And my second thought is she is very, creative with her writing, she loves to read, she loves to write, I was very honored that she thought of me that way. That she even thinks about things that we do every day, it is very humbling.”

There were approximately 350 essays handwritten by each elementary school’s second and third graders. The Chamber had five judges making the decisions of choosing the one and the honorable mentions.
Asked if her mom was pretty special, Reagan said, “yeah. She helped us through (the fire).”

As part of her award, Natalie received numerous gifts from area businesses, and a limo ride with her daughter to collect the prizes.
Asked if Natalie and Reagan were excited about going in the limo, Natalie said, “Yes, she has been talking about it all day. (Thursday) night and (Friday) morning, she has definitely been bouncing off of the walls.”

Honorable mentions went to Brandon Rogers, Ava Sims, Zoe Moore, Connor Johnson, Hayden Crane, Hailey Nichols and Ethan Victorino.

The limo was provided by Clark Funeral Home and the the following businesses gave gifts: Beck Floral, Dr. Fly’s Salon, Front Page, Jarden Consumer Solutions, Joyful Journeys, Mazzio’s Italian Eatery, McDonald’s of Neosho, Mitchell’s Downtown Drug Store, Neosho Beauty College, Neosho Gifts Etcetera, The News-Dispatch, Oriental House, Parks Insurance Company, Peking Garden, Spee- Dee- Lube and WXY Sporting Goods.

This marks the 25th year for the May Day Mom competition.