I want to wish all mothers a happy Mothers’ Day. Moms come in all kinds of relationships. Of course, there are biological mothers, step-mothers, foster mothers, adoptive mothers and many women who take a child for other reasons. They all get a tip of the hat from me today. If you haven't already, call, e-mail or visit your mom today.

If the rain ever stops for a few days, things will be busy at our house. We are expecting a painter, roofers and a carpenter. But the roofers and painter can't do their jobs in the rain. The carpenter is actually already at work, making a small vanity for our bathroom.

It's going to be quite a crunch this year because so many big things going on with the house. That is affecting our travel plans this year. We have to wait and see if there's anything left in the piggy bank.

With classes already dismissed in several schools, and more to follow, vacation season will pick up. We see it already at the hatchery bookstore. But some vacations have to wait as kids get into summer baseball or Vacation Bible School.

I keep hearing that the economy is getting better, but I think most people are still cautious with their money and worry about the future.

Last week I heard someone repeat an old saying, "Waste Not, Want Not." I heard that throughout my youth and it inspired me to clean my dinner plate, not get rid of clothes simply because I didn't like them or because they were outdated. I try to combine trips when I leave the house, going to the grocery store, the bank and anyplace else I can squeeze into my trip. I still eat leftovers and turn out lights that aren't needed (Russell is not very good about that). My dad would comment about houses with all the lights on. He would say, "That house is lit up like a Christmas tree."

The "green movement" probably appreciates all these things and then again, some might say that means "Poor People, Poor Ways." I guess I fall a little into both camps, but I am not poor in spirit and that makes all the difference to me.

I want to note the passing of Charles Banks Wilson. He was a fine artist, a friend of Thomas Hart Benton, and a friend of Neosho. I was privileged to have met him on several occasions. He is a honored man in my home state of Oklahoma. He told me once that he was very proud that almost every house in Oklahoma had a piece of his artwork. I thought that odd until he told me that he had designed the cover of the phonebook that year. Of course, in those days, nearly everyone had a telephone and nearly ever household had a phonebook.

Kay Hively writes a weekly column for the Daily News.