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How breast cancer is reshaping everything

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About this blog
By Jennifer Denbo
I wanted to start this blog so other women, family and friends could see a real perspective into the life of cancer. Not just what I am experiencing, but what others may experience or see loved ones experience themselves. I am a mom of two girls ...
Taking It From The Top
I wanted to start this blog so other women, family and friends could see a real perspective into the life of cancer. Not just what I am experiencing, but what others may experience or see loved ones experience themselves. I am a mom of two girls (Kaylee 10, and Sophie 4) and married for 11 years this year to my husband John Marc. We live in Rolla, MO and all of my treatments will be here at Phelps County Regional Medical Center. I was diagnosed on January 16, 2013, at 5:15 p.m. A moment in time I believe the Earth stopped turning, and my heart stopped beating. Even if it was for a split second. This blog was started January 21, 2013 at 6:22 p.m. when I was ready to speak. (and when my S.I.L. Claire was ready to help with the tech stuff:) I hope you enjoy taking this journey with me. I WILL beat Breast Cancer! I did not want to turn to Google for my answers, I wanted to find my own. These are them:
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May 14, 2013 5:36 p.m.

Wow! Now over 16,000 views to my little ol’ website! Just waiting on a call one day from a book publisher;)
I wanted to touch base for a few minutes about having friends… and having cancer. The day I found out I had outpouring support from so many people. Everyone wanted to send flowers and help…call, text, etc. It was wonderful! I felt amazing and never knew so many people would care. But, like all things…they come to an end. Somedays I am so overwhelmed with the wonderful people that have stepped up….and also upset at the ones who did not. The good: I never knew some of the great people in my life would become some of my closest friends after this.
A few great examples:
Michelle. She was someone who I knew, but wouldn’t say we were great friends. After I was diagnosed she has sent flowers, she has texted, and emailed me so many times to see how I am doing. She even wears Pink every single treatment I have to show support. Love her:)
Barb. Barb and her family were always friends of ours, but now more than ever I feel her presence. She has sent me things for inspiration and always asks and messages me to make sure I am okay. Love you Barb.
Kristen. Kristen is a nurse who was there the moment I was told I had cancer. She cried when I cried, and it showed me what a caring person she was…not just a nurse. Now we are good friends. We text each other, and she has always stopped by out of her way during chemo treatments to visit me. She showed me what a good friend was all about. Love you Kristen.
Kaylees teacher, past teacher, and office staff. They have helped me so many times when it comss to Kaylee. They keep her safe and have always looked out for her. If I need her brought home, or have any issues… they race to help. I’ll love them all for what they have done.
Anita & Katrina. Both I have never met, but they have had breast cancer. Their names were given to me for support and they have been wonderful! Emails, texts, messages.. when I have questions, or just want to vent they have both been there for me. They have showed me nothing but love.
Carol. She is my nurse navigator. The hospital hired her to help with cancer patients, go to appts with them, and answer questions. She has always been so supportive and checks on me all the time. She is someone I can cry to, and she’ll always make me feel better. I love her:)
My church and preschool friends. All of them have been great! I get texts and messages all the time. They are always asking if they can do stuff to help and are always willing to lend a hand. I have never had so many friends in one place ever before. I would trust any of them with my children. That is a big deal to me:) They were there from the very start…and are still there now at the end. Love you guys:)
Lucky. Lucky is a nickname my dad gave one of his friends. He was one of the first people to step up and help us. He knew I had cancer and would have bills etc, and wanted to do something to help out. I will forever be greatful for his kindness. Love you Luck
Carol. Carol is a member of our Church. She has always been there for me to talk to, or just vent to. She reminds me of my grandmother and how loving she was. When I talk to her, it’s like a piece of my grandmother is here on Earth and helping me through this. She is wonderful, and I love that she is in my life.
Deann. Deann is now a great friend of mine who I trust with the most special and valuable items in my life….my kids. She is a preschool teacher Sophie had last year. But now, she is so much more. Since the day I was diagnosed she has called, texted, and messages me multiple times a week. She just wants to help in any way….and I am so grateful. I will forever be friends with her and love her for all she has done. She is a true friend and kind spirit. Love you Deann:)
Mary & family. Mary and I met in sort of a funny way. My husband recruits doctors for the hospital and recruited her husband Dan. We hit it off from the start. She is the kindest most genuine person I know. I never in my wildest dreams thought she would become one of my best friends. But she is. We text or call each other everday now. She has taken care of Sophie almost every chemo day. She just wants me to rest and get better, and wants to do anything to help. She has been there from the start. Even when the biposy came back negative she was there to celebrate… and when it was cancer…she was on my front porch crying with me. From the start she wanted to help. She had John and I talk to her dad who was in the medical field and made us feel so much better about the mastectomy that was coming up, and all the questions and worries we had. I also got to know her sister and mom who are just as sweet. They message me and always check to see how I’m doing. I practically don’t even know these people and they are so kind to me. Sending gifts, and cards… and really showing support. Without a doubt in my mind I know God put Mary in my life for a reason. I will always love her and her family. Michael, her son is one of Sophies best friends now. They are kind, loving, generous and sweet. I owe them so much for all the support they have shown me. I will always love all of them:)
What all this comes down to is true friends are so important to any cancer patient. It doesn’t even take a single dollar to show love and compassion. To call, or text, or message.. just something to show you are thinking of them. This is such a difficult journey and you cannot do this alone. On days when you are hurting and crying, it makes a big difference when you know people care for you. It made such a difference with me. I think most people have support right after they are diagnosed… but are the same people
there in 3 months? When time has taken a toll on the person and they need them the most.

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