They are small. They are cute. When polished, decorated, and covered with ornamentation, they are worthy of showing off. They are PT Cruisers, automobiles which were made by the Chrysler Corporation from 2000 to 2007.

The vehicle was described by the company as a "retro-styled compact automobile." All the first ones made were hatchbacks and they were head turners when they first hit the road.

In January of 2012, five Missouri and Arkansas PT Cruiser owners met and formed the Mo-Ark PT Cruiser Club. The club's intent was for owners of this iconic automobile to gather and admire each other's vehicles and socialize about their cars and any other thing that struck their fancy.

Diane Sanderson, Pineville, was elected president of this club, which normally meets in the Wal-Mart parking lot at Jane. Both Diane and her husband own and drive PT Cruisers.

During the last few months, the club has grown to 53 members who own 47 PT Crusiers. Most members live in the Four-State area.

On May 17-19, the Mo-Ark PT Cruiser Club had its first organized show on the east parking lot of the Indigo Sky Casino, near Seneca. Owners of PT Cruiser from eight states and one Canadian Province had their vehicles shined and polished for the weekend.

An Ohio Crusier even had a matching PT Crusier two-wheeled trailer.
Many of the vehicles reflect a passion of their owners, such as the Minnesota Viking PT Cruiser. Another honored the United States Marines with a big Marine emblem on the door. Most cars are named and have personalized license plates.

President Sanderson said that members are PT lovers, first, but they also love the lifestyle reflected by their automobiles — cruising the countryside and getting together.

That is why their motto is "Cruizin and Lovin It."

The Mo-Ark PT Crusier Club plan to have many other shows and they are hoping to have many more members.