Granby Police Chief Jacob Kelley was given the green light to hire four reserve police officers.

The request was granted during Tuesday night’s council meeting at the Granby City Hall.

Granby Mayor RL Arnall noted the reason for the request is that if an officer was called to do National Guard duty or sick, they would need someone to cover the shift.

Currently, the police force consists of three officers and Kelley.

“The requirements will be the same as any state certified officer,” Kelley said of the reserve officers. “They will have to be POST certified in the state of Missouri. Other requirements are they will have to volunteer two shifts a month in order to maintain their commission. In exchange for that, we will provide them with training and experience. Their duties will include normal patrol duties like the other officers. As long as they are current on their hours, if they wanted to they would be available to be called in to cover shifts when we had a full-time officer that needed a shift off for any reason.”

Those wanting to be a reserve officer must be 21 years or older.

“Whenever they get called to work a pay shift, it would be $9 an hour starting out,” the chief said.

Kelley said he does not have anyone in mind so far for the reserve officer posts.

“We still need to get the word out that we are looking for reserves,” he said.