Caves are a result of Noah's flood about 4,000 years ago.


Missouri has many beautiful and fascinating caves.  A few months ago my husband and I took two of our grandchildren to visit Meramec Caverns.  What a testimony to the handiwork of the Creator it is!  Our grandchildren were amazed at the beautiful cave formations.  The young guide gave us a very interesting history of the cave.  He told us that it had existed for 400 million years.  He also said that the stalactites and stalagmites had taken millions of years to form.  Some of the people in the tour group responded with a low, “Ahhhh!”  Adding “millions of years” to the age of something seems to add a feeling of awe and wonder.  Our nine year old granddaughter whispered to me, “That is not right. You must tell him the truth.”   So, I said, “That is an intriguing theory.  However, did you know that stalactites over five feet long have been found in the basement of the Lincoln Memorial which was built in 1923.  Stalactites more than a foot long have been found under bridges in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It is also quite common to find stalactites on basement concrete, and plumbing where there is a slow water leak.  The water has limestone and other mineral in it that react with the presence of calcium oxide in the concrete.  As the water penetrates the concrete it forms a solution of calcium hydroxide.  When it drips down and comes in contact with the air, another chemical reaction takes place.  The carbon dioxide in the air reacts with the solution and leaves particles of calcium carbonate that form the stalactites.”  The young guide looked shocked, and stated that he hadn’t heard that.  Some of the members of the group looked at me strangely, and one person asked me if I was a science teacher.  I responded with an answer that I had taught some science classes earlier in my career as a public school teacher. 

As the tour continued our guide shared stories about Native Americans using the caverns for shelter.  He also explained that in the 18th century the cave was used for extracting saltpeter that was used to make gunpowder. Then he told us that during the Civil War the Union Army used the caves as a saltpeter plant.  However, it was discovered by Confederate guerrillas and destroyed.  Our grandchildren were really fascinated  by the exhibit and story about Jesse and Frank James using the cave as a hideout in the 1870’s. Our granddaughter commented that it must have been really dark in the cave for those people to do all that they did.  Her eight year old brother said that they must have had lots of bright lanterns. Both children admired the beautiful colored lights that illuminated the stalactites and stalagmites.  The greatest display was the formation that looked like theater curtains.  Our guide told us how it had taken millions and millions of years to form.  Our grandson indignantly exclaimed, “He must believe in evolution! Tell him this happened during Noah’s Flood.”  I didn’t need to say anything, because everyone had heard the testimony of our eight year old Creationist.

As we continued the tour, we were amazed by all the wonders to be observed in the cave.  The children especially enjoyed looking into the pools of water that reflected the stalactites from the ceiling, which made the pools look deep.  Our granddaughter asked the guide if the pools were really deep or if they were just optical illusions.  He told her that most of them were rather shallow.  It seemed to me that the interpretation of the age of the cave was also an illusion propagated by evolutionists.  As we continued walking along the trail, I talked to the children about cracking and buckling of the earth’s surface as it was broken into tectonic plates by the hand of God.  The fountains of the deep broke open and rained upon the earth.  The great flood waters tore through the earth, destroying everything.  As the catastrophe subsided, great holes had been cut into the surface of the earth by the rushing water, and later the dripping of mineral rich water formed the stalactites and stalagmites. Mountain ranges had been pushed up as the Tectonic Plates crashed into each other.  Valleys formed as land sunk between the high places.  Oceans were created as the deep crevices filled with water. The children’s imaginations raced as they pondered the miracles of God’s handiwork.  Then the guide broke through our revere as he pointed out some beautifully formed stalactites and stalagmites in a colorfully lighted pool of water.  Our grandchildren both begged me to tell him more about the cave being formed during Noah’s Flood.  So, I mentioned that there are many scientists who believe that caves were formed 4,400 years ago during the great catastrophic world wide flood that destroyed the surface of the earth as it was known in those days.  I told him how the crust of the earth broke open and the pressurized water from underneath shot out flooding the earth.  Molten rock and lava also burst forth as the mantle broke open.  The breaking up of the earth’s surface began to form the Tectonic Plates.  As they pushed against each other, mountain ranges, valleys, and oceans were formed.  The mighty rushing water cut out canyons, gorges, and caves as the water receded.  Eventually, mineral rich water dripping through the cave ceilings united with carbon dioxide that evaporated from the air, and left the calcium carbonate that formed the stalactites and stalagmites.  Then I stated that the cave we were in was not millions of years old, but about 4,000 years old.  To add fuel to the fire, I told the guide that a photograph published in National Geographic (1953 by Mason Southerland) showed a picture of a bat that had fallen on a stalagmite (Carlsbad Caverns, New Mexico) that was covered and preserved in the growing stalagmite before it could decompose.  That was further proof that that stalagmites could grow rapidly instead of over millions of years. He said that he had never heard that, and we continued our tour.

At the end of the tour, my husband thanked the guide, and told him that he hoped we had not caused a problem. He was very courteous and said that everyone had a right to their opinion.  I took a picture of my husband, our grandchildren and the guide standing at the entrance of the cave tour.  It joined the many other pictures that I had taken of the children inside the cave with the numerous, beautiful formations.

Atheistic evolution needs caves to be labeled as millions of years old to help support their theories which are all based on unproven assumptions.  The idea of millions of years seems to create a feeling of awe among many people.  Is there proof that caves formed 400 million years ago?  NO!  It is a guess, an opinion without any evidence.  Since Darwin’s Theory of Evolution is not observable, the evolutionists need to give it validity by proposing that their theory gradually happened over millions of years.  However, they have no transitional fossils, and no observable proof.  They have lots of artists’ pictures from their imaginations, lots of complicated theories, and they have captured the public educational system into believing their theories, and mixing them up with true scientific facts.  We need to throw out the theories and stick with observable facts.  For example, the formation of stalactites over a period of a few years is observable.  The formation of stalactites over millions of years is not observable and it is an unproven opinion.