A local business recently celebrated their 20th anniversary in their current building.

A local business recently celebrated their 20th anniversary in their current building.

Wal-Mart Supercenter 17, moved to their current location in May 1993. However, the business was located twice in Neosho, with the first being at the current Orscheln's on Harmony Street in 1969 and then moving to the Neosho Boulevard location (currenly where Save-A-Lot is) in 1976.

"We are just celebrating the 20 year anniversary of this store," said Jody Cornett, store manager. "We are having a cake and celebrating with our associates. I do appreciate all the longevity of our associates that they are sticking with us and providing everything they do for our customers."

The celebration took place on Monday morning during their morning meeting. They honored the associates who have been there who came from the boulevard location.

Leslie McNeill, department manager of toys and the photo department actually started with Wal-Mart of Neosho in 1974, when it was located on Harmony Street.

Asked to compare that store to the boulevard location and the supercenter, McNeill said, "Biggest change has been the technology, I guess you would say how we do things in the back room, how freight comes in, how freight is processed. Technology kind of took over, went from there."

McNeill said she started at Wal-Mart for a part-time job.

"It was supposedly a part-time job, when I went to Crowder College to get my degree and after my two years at school, I just stuck with it," she said.

Julie Bishop, department manager of the pharmacy, began with Wal-Mart at the boulevard location in 1981.

In terms of what has changed from the boulevard location to the supercenter location, Bishop said "variety."

"We went from total grocery, but not just grocery, variety, so much more selection of other items," said Bishop. "I worked so many years in receiving over there (boulevard location) to where we had to green ticket everything, to now it is like it is pre-labeled or labeled on the shelf. It is ready to go. We used to check in boxes, one box at a time came off of that truck. Now it just comes off on a pallet load at a time."

Sinda Wimpey, a clerk in general merchandising receiving, began in 1982 with Wal-Mart.

Asked of what changes she has seen from the boulevard location to this one, Wimpey said, "a lot more customers, a lot more freight, and a lot more work."

She began at Wal-Mart during the Christmas season.

"I basically started for extra Christmas money," she said. "I got laid off the day after Christmas for six days and they called me back. I have been here ever since. I have enjoyed my job, tremendously. I like what I do and that makes a lot of difference I think in any job."

Asked if Bishop, Wimpey and McNeill ever met Sam Walton in person, they said they did. It was back in 1988, when the three associates attended an associate picnic at Walton's home. There is a photograph with the three associates and Walton in the back room of the supercenter.