One step closer.

FAIRIVEW — One step closer.

During Tuesday night's Fairview City Council meeting, council members heard some good news about a National Guard project called the IRT (innovative readiness training) program.

"It has been about two years now or so that we have been trying to have that IRT program," Fairview City Clerk Lorie Heatley said. "And [the National Guard] did confirm [Tuesday] that on June 27 or June 28, they will send a team in to see what we have got with water that floods the streets and how to correct that where it is not washing our roads out continually."

The city clerk noted the National Guard would contact Fairview mayor Sid Oliver closer to June 27 to "nail down the time and date for sure."

The Guard will assess problems and will fix them, if possible, and will give a timeframe on the project.
Once the project starts, the National Guard provides the manpower and equipment, but the city provides the fuel and any material that needs to be brought in.

In other news, the council reviewed past due accounts.

"That is what we have been doing the last four or five council meetings," she said. "Anybody that has an excessive amount, the council reviews it and makes recommendations."

The past due amounts include the water, sewer and trash bills that the residents have.
During Tuesday night's council meeting, a change was made.

"If the next bill has come out and you have not paid the previous one, you are shut off," the city clerk noted. "The council said last night to shut them off, do not let these get out of control any longer, that was the recommendations, no more leniency, shut them off."

Heatley said right now, there are about 15 people who are on the list of not paying their bills on time. There are about 173 households who use the services.