The Neosho City Council, on Wednesday, voted to approve more than $26,000 in work and parts to repair a broken pump at the city's wastewater plant.

The Neosho City Council, on Wednesday, voted to approve more than $26,000 in work and parts to repair a broken pump at the city's wastewater plant.

The council met briefly in special session Wednesday morning to accept a bid to allow the repairs to move forward.

Council members present at Wednesday's meeting, Steve Hart, Tom Workman and Mayor Richard Davidson, approved a bid of $18,984 from JCI Industries, of Lee's Summit, for the rebuilt bowl, as well as $4,193 in parts from Pump and Power of Lenexa, Kan. and an estimated $3,500 in rebuild and machine work, bringing the total project cost to $26,677.

Mike Hightower, the city's public works director, said the Shoal Creek Wastewater Plant has two pumps used for recirculation of sludge in the treatment process, one of which was recently taken out of service due to a broken enclose tube.

However, after inspection, the 27-year-old pump was discovered to need major repairs.

"There's two in there, they alternate back and forth, and we can run on one for awhile," Hightower told council. "We checked into places to rent one if something happened to that one. We could rent a portable pump to do the same thing if something happens to that one."

Hightower presented the council with four options for repairs on Wednesday, though he recommended the council go with the $26,677 option, the cheapest of their choices.

Other options considered included replacing both pumps for an estimated cost of $100,000, replacing the broken pump for a cost of $76,615, or new bowl assembly, with parts and work, at a cost of $31,543.

Hightower noted that repairs would take six to eight weeks, while replacing both pumps with new ones would have taken at least 12 to 14 weeks.

"Looking at the timeframe and looking at our budget, we've done quite a few major repairs at the wastewater plant this year," Hightower said. "We've used up our maintenance equipment line item, we're down to $6,000-some, so looking at all of this, our recommendation at this point would be go ahead and go with $26,677. Go ahead and repair this one, then we'll start looking at ideas and budgeting ideas for replacing the next one when it comes out."

Troy Royer, Neosho City Manager, said a budget amendment would come before council in their regularly scheduled meeting on Tuesday to cover the costs of the wastewater project.

Council members also voted 3-0 Wednesday to approve, on final reading, creation of Chapter 435 of the Neosho City Code of Ordinances, which addresses de-annexation requests.

The city previously did not have an ordinance on the books to address the de-annexation process.
Council approved the proposal on first reading June 4.

The ordinance addresses both city and privately-owned property, and lays out the process for those wishing to de-annex from city limits to follow in making such requests.

Council also approved a resolution designating new signatories on the city's checking accounts at First Community Bank. The city recently switched their banking services from Great Southern Bank to First Community Bank.