That is the phrase that Neosho's Walgreens store manager Kevin Foote said about the recent Neosho's Music Fest, a fundraiser for the American Heart Association.

The local Walgreens and the Neosho R-5 School District teamed up for the event that was held on Saturday, June 8 at the practice field at the Neosho High School.

"I think we had a fair turnout, probably as good as we expected on a first time around," he said. "We raised more than $2,500 for the American Heart Association and that is between the tents that we had running and silent auction. I think that this was a very successful event."

Hundreds of people turned out for the music fest, which saw six bands perform, along with vendors and food.
Foote noted the proceeds raised will go back to the heart association.

"That is all going to be used for research and development for fighting (heart) issues," he said. "It is all going to be used to hopefully find maybe some cures for (heart conditions)."

With the success, plans are underway for the second annual Music Fest.

"I have already had a couple of bands contact me immediately following asking to be part of it again next year," said Foote. "It is definitely going to occur again. We have got a good response. The community seems pretty happy, the people that did go really had a good time. The bands were really great, they sounded awesome."
There was one issue which came about after the event was done.

"We had a banner that we had basically leased, what I mean by that is we paid for the banner for certain graphics to be added to it, but we didn't actually buy the banner," he said. "After the event, the banner is returned to graphic company and they can just peel the letters back off. Unfortunately, sometime between 11 p.m. Saturday and Sunday morning, that banner was removed. And unfortunately, our charity is going to be responsible for $250 payback on that if we can't get it back."

The banner had the Neosho Music Fest wording, along with the band names on it.

Foote is encouraging the person who took the banner to return it.

"No questions asked, if (whoever took the banner) would return it to my Walgreens, I can return it to the rightful owner," he said. "It would be a terrible thing that we went through all of this trouble, the community came together to raise this money for American Heart and then to turn around and spend another $250 out of it."