With Independence Day just over a week away, the sale and use of fireworks has begun.

With Independence Day just over a week away, the sale and use of fireworks has begun.

Mike Eads, Neosho Fire Chief, said the window to sell and set off fireworks is between June 20 and July 10.
In Neosho, fireworks can be used between 7 a.m. and 10 p.m.

However, as local residents are partaking in the Fourth of July fun, it is important that they also keep a few safety tips in mind.

"I think just use some common sense," Eads said. "Watch your weather conditions, watch the environment you're in and keep the adult supervision."

Eads said those shooting off fireworks should try to avoid lighting the fireworks close to buildings, hay or barns.
He said it is also important to keep an eye on the weather conditions, as dry conditions can call for more caution to be used when shooting off fireworks.

He said while the Neosho Fire Department usually receives a few extra calls this time of year, weather conditions, such as the drought Newton County experienced last summer, can increase the number of calls.

"We get a few, but it really depends on the weather conditions," Eads said. "If it's a dry summer like it was last year then we'll get a few more calls for possible grass fires."

Eads said he doesn't expect any burn bans being implemented anytime soon, though with conditions becoming dry, he urges that citizens use caution when shooting fireworks this season.

"The best thing to do is just to make sure you're shooting them off in a safe area, away from dead vegetation," Eads said. "If you're still uncertain as far as your area, whether it might catch the grass or leaves on fire, at least have a means of extinguishment and stay with it at all times, that would help more than anything."

Eads said adult supervision is also important when children are setting off fireworks.

"If they're using sparklers for the kids, make sure they have a bucket or something to put them in," Eads added.

Residents should also avoid shooting bottle rockets, as Eads said those are not permitted in city limits.