The City of Neosho has taken steps in recent weeks to make sure citizens' complaints are being addressed.

The City of Neosho has taken steps in recent weeks to make sure citizens' complaints are being addressed.

While the city has offered the Request Tracker System to residents through their website for years, two weeks ago they began utilizing the service for city employees as well.

"What's different now is that all citizen requests are entered into the system," said the city's public relations and events coordinator Wes Franklin. "It's exactly how it sounds, it's a tracking system and this way, we can be sure that citizen requests for service are addressed. It's just a good way to hold ourselves as a city accountable when citizens voice concerns."

Franklin said in the past, citizen concerns that were not entered online were passed along by city employees, and in some cases did not get addressed. Now, he said, when a city employee receives a request for service or a complaint, that information is taken and passed along to Franklin to be entered into the tracking system.
Once the concern is entered, it is given three days to be addressed before the appropriate department director is automatically notified via email. If the case is still open after five days, city manager Troy Royer will be automatically notified.

"In the past where citizens have been able to enter a request for service on the website, the department head would be notified after a certain period of time, however, that period of time has been shortened in most instances to three days," Franklin said. "And the city manager in most cases would've been notified in seven days and it's been shortened to five days across the board. The idea is don't let it get to the city manager before the issue is resolved."

Franklin said more than 100 requests have been entered into the tracker system since the new policy was implemented, with the bulk of those being internal requests.

He said concerns include code violations, requests for street repairs or missing or damaged street signs.
One recent concern addressed needed repairs on West Spring Street, between Wood and Jefferson Streets.
On Tuesday morning, that section of roadway was closed for the repairs to be made.

"With this new policy, the city is holding itself accountable to the citizens to make certain that concerns are in fact being followed up on, and that the community itself is better maintained," Royer said in a news release.
Franklin said those submitting requests for service must be specific, and general complaints would not be addressed in the system.

Citizens can share their concerns by going online to and clicking on the large green "report a concern" button on the left, or by calling city hall at 451-8050.