Parents raising children today deserve our understanding, for they face untold challenges.

Parents raising children today deserve our understanding, for they face untold challenges.

In clearing my files, I ran across two pledges which may be helpful to parents and students in arriving at an understanding. These pledges acknowledge the power of knowledge and the power of parents and teachers.

If you want to go formal, prepare typed copies of the pledges to be signed by the parents or guardian, the student and the teacher if he / she would like to be included in the process.

Student’s pledge
• I now realize that the greatest power in the world is the power of knowledge.
• I want to be smart. Dumb, misinformed people go through their lives missing so many rewards that could be theirs.
• I will learn my basic skills and be expert in them.
• I will read books on subjects that interest me most. But I will also read books and articles on other subjects to broaden my awareness of what is happening in the world around me.
• I will discuss at dinnertime what I have learned or questioned at school today.
• I will study the ideas and dreams of our history to see how they can help me today.
• I will set aside some time each day to think about my future, to discuss it with people I respect and to work on accumulating the knowledge that can guarantee that future.
• I pledge this to those who love me and are trying to help me succeed. More important, I pledge it to myself.

Parent’s pledge
• I want my child to have the best possible education and I realize that strong school systems are essential,
• I will provide a home environment that will encourage my child to learn.
• I will help my child build a small, but meaningful, home library.
• I will insist that all homework assignments are done each night.
• I will discuss at dinnertime what my child has learned at school each day.
• I will include stimulating books among the presents I give my child.
• I will review newspaper stories and TV newscasts with my child and discuss how the news may affect our lives.
• I will meet regularly with my child’s teachers.
• I will remind my child of the necessity of discipline in the classroom — especially self-discipline.
• I will help my child appreciate and enjoy the excitement in learning and the thrill of an inquiring mind.

Roy Shaver writes a weekly column for the Daily News.