A group of Southwest Missouri hunters will be putting their experiences on display in a new television show set to premiere this Sunday.

A group of Southwest Missouri hunters will be putting their experiences on display in a new television show set to premiere this Sunday.

“The Quest” will feature the staff of Pro Outfitters Hunting Lodge, with locations in Mound City, Mo. and Winner, S.D.
Neosho native Dusty Altman, who has worked at Pro Outfitters for five years as a guide, serves as the executive producer of the show.

“We’ve taken out hundreds of clients and we’ve been kind of filming all of our hunts,” Altman said. “I said, if we’re going to film it we’d might as well air it. That’s kind of how it started.”

The show will feature Altman, Eric Reinhart, Ben Lansford, Joe Haake, and Pro Outfitters owner Brad Gannaway.
The crew is hosting a launch party this Friday, at 7:30 p.m. at Sam’s Cellar, on the northwest corner of the Neosho Square.

There will be giveaways, including a free hunt from Pro Outfitters, as well as a live band and an early showing of the first episode of “The Quest.”

Altman said the show will feature deer, turkey, duck, goose and hog hunting, as well as bow fishing.

Gannaway said what makes the show unique is that it will show not only the clients hunting, but also behind-the-scenes footage of operating a hunting lodge.

“People have this kind of misconception, that if you own a hunting lodge, that you get to hunt a lot which, really, we don’t get to hunt much, we’re taking our clients out,” Gannaway said. “So the way we came up with ‘The Quest’ is our daily quest to get our clients on the game that they’re pursuing and also for us to actually get to fill our needs to be able to hunt ourselves.”

Gannaway said the show will feature a new cast of hunters weekly.

“We kind of have a special niche going on that other TV shows don’t have, because this is actually our living,” Altman said. “We take people hunting for a living so it’s kind of different from other TV shows that are going out and hunting on other people’s property, this is all property that we manage.”

Gannaway said the entire crew is based out of the Southwest Missouri area, and relocate to the hunting lodges in the fall.

In addition to the five main cast members, they have also hired videographers and have a producer based out of Wisconsin.

“We had to find a bunch of camera crews and production guys and pretty much they follow us around 24/7, everyday that we’re gone which is about seven to eight months out of the year,” Altman said.
The show will air locally on Sunday mornings at 10:30 a.m. on KSN-TV.

Gannaway said the episodes are about 30 minutes long, and will run for 26 weeks, with the first 13 being new episodes and the last 13 showing reruns.

The show will also be available online at www.questoutdoors.tv and will air in primetime at 7 p.m. on Tuesdays on WildTV in Canada.

Altman said the series will also air on Dish Network beginning in late December.