GRANBY — One of the tornado sirens in Granby is not rotating.

During Tuesday's Granby City Council meeting, council members heard a report on the siren from fire chief Kevin Johnson.

"They are going to put a new top on the one out on Highway B. It is going to cost $2,350," said Paula Carsel, city clerk.

The city will have to incur the cost of the siren.

"It doesn't rotate, the bearings are stuck," she said.

The council approved to get the siren fixed and the city has three sirens in place.

The council also heard about an upcoming event in July.

"We have a tire collection that we are going to do at the (Granby) recycling center, from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday, July 27, it is not limited to Granby people, anybody in Newton County," the city clerk noted. "It is just tires, no rims."

The Missouri Department of Natural Resources is bringing down a tractor-trailer to load the tires into, the city clerk said.

"This is going to be all free, where before we had to pay for the tire pick up," Carsel said.