Organizers are gearing up for a fundraiser to help battered women.

The Neosho Daily News recently spoke to Travis Griffin, co-coordinator with Diva Dash 2013 "Walk a Mile In My Shoes" event, which will be held from 3 to 6 p.m. Saturday on the Neosho Square.

NDN: What is the main purpose of this event?
Griffin: To raise awareness and money for battered women. The proceeds will go to Lafayette House. This is our first time (hosting the event).

NDN: Please explain the event.
Griffin: Everyone will be running around the Square in a race while wearing high heels.

NDN: How many people have signed up?
Griffin: Approximately 15.

NDN: Are you pleased with the response from the community?
Griffin: Very pleased with the sponsorship, businesses on the square.