The Neosho City Council voted Tuesday to allow the Public Works Department to proceed with a $193,000 wastewater improvement project.

The Neosho City Council voted Tuesday to allow the Public Works Department to proceed with a $193,000 wastewater improvement project.

The council voted to accept a bid of $193,230 from Visu-Sewer of Missouri for 6,000 feet of cured-in-place pipe.
Mike Hightower, the city's public works director, said the pipe will be used to fix 12 spots in town in need of sewer line upgrades.

"This allows us to go in there and put a new sewer line without digging anything up," Hightower said.

He said the city had done the majority of sewer line improvements in 2010 and 2011, when they increased the size of the trunk lines, added new sewer line and installed 25,000 feet of cured-in-place pipe.

However, Hightower said there is still work to be done, and that public works had originally planned to tackle the project in 2012 and 2013.

"It greatly helps seal out the rainwater, where it's not supposed to get in," Hightower said. "We've done quite a bit but there's still some spots we need to improve on. There's a few spots in town and then quite a few out at Crowder."

He said $100,000 was budgeted for the improvements in both 2012 and 2013, though, with the voter-approved $9.5 million water improvement project underway in 2012, the department was unable to oversee both and the wastewater line project was postponed.

Now, the department plans to complete the work planned for both years, and pay for that work by transferring the $100,000 budgeted for 2012 into the 2013 budget, bringing the total amount budgeted for the sewer line work to $200,000.

Council voted on first reading Tuesday evening to approve that fund transfer.

"What we did this year was include what we wanted to do last year, plus this year's lines," Hightower said.

Hightower said once the company is given the notice of award, he will then bring the contract back before council for approval before work begins. He said he expects the work to be completed by October.

In other business the council:

• Voted, on final reading, to adjust the wastewater equipment budget to cover the $27,000 needed for repairs at the Shoal Creek Plant, as well as add an additional $20,000 to cover unexpected repairs through the end of the budget year.

• Postponed a final reading vote on a proposal to amend Chapter 405 of the city's ordinances, to change height limitations on signage from 45-feet to 90-feet if within a distance of a half-mile from an interstate highway.

• Voted to approve a budget amendment to reflect the cost of the airport mapping project. The project cost was $17,000, with $996 coming from city funding, $13,385 from federal funds and $2,619 from state funds.

• Voted on final reading to grant requests to re-zone two properties on East South Street, at 607 and 609 East South Street, from District R-1 First Dwelling to R-2, second dwelling, to allow property owners to build duplexes at those locations.

• Approved adjustments to the Neosho Municipal Golf Course budget. The changes reflect the switch from being a contractor operated to city-run golf course, which went into effect March 1.

• Members approved an agreement with AT&T to move the phone lines at the water plant to allow the area to be more accessible to delivery trucks and for parking. The estimated cost of the project is $4,365.

• Announced vacancies that exist on the airport industrial development board; board of adjustments/zoning; economic development sales tax committee and parks, recreation and golf course board.

For more information on those vacancies, please contact city clerk Nora Houdyshell at 451-8050.