Freeman Neosho Hospital employees were treated to a Fourth of July celebration with their families Wednesday on the grass lot near the hospital.

"We are a community hospital and we are a very close-knit community of Freeman Neosho employees," said Anita Walden, director of nursing services at Freeman Neosho. "It is not uncommon for us to celebrate different holidays together. This is the first year that we have included family members as guests. We are just a close-knit family, so we thought it would be a nice way to encourage our employees and thank them for their hard work by allowing their families to come in and celebrate with us."

Between 75-100 people attended the event, which included a cookout, a seed spitting contest and a talent show.
"The talent show is new this year," said Walden.

Around six groups (which included individuals and/or groups) participated in the talent show.

"My other co-worker, Crystal Soles, asked me if I wanted to join the talent show," said Ashton Bornhoft, nutrition at Freeman Neosho. "We love doing all of this stuff that Freeman puts on for us. My kids enjoy doing the Halloween celebration, the Easter egg hunt, so this was just one more thing that we could have fun with while we are working at the same time."

They opted to sing and dance to "Shoop Shoop" by Cher.

"We kind of have some 1980s kind of stuff going on," she said. "We have some big jewelry and some flowing scarves. That is just one of our favorite songs, something that we both agreed on. A fun upbeat song while everybody is out celebrating."

Bornhoft said they have practiced their routine prior to Wednesday's event.

"That has been the funniest part," she said. "We have been practicing for two to three weeks now."

Talent show winners received prizes.