One of the neatest events during Saturday’s Celebrating Our Freedom – hosted by the Seneca Area Chamber of Commerce – was two teams participating in the bed race on Delaware Street at 8 a.m.

The two teams – which included the Barber Shop of Seneca and Mailes Tree Service — decorated their beds and even themselves for the race. Each team had five members: four who pushed and one who rode the bed.

The Barber Shop incorporated the word “bed” into their design by using a popular TV show, the “Flintstones.”

“We were trying to think of bed themes and then thought ‘bedrock,’” said Andrew Cummings, captain of the team. “We have the Flintstonemobile. It is a chiropractic bed and it has been retrofitted with awesome Flintstone accessories and has been made for speed.”

Cummings’ team was made up of himself, his wife, Amalee, Julia Dykes, Katie Hargrove and Biaka Zaidarhzauva. Each of the team members was dressed like cavemen and cavewomen.
This was the first time they have participated in the bed race. Cummings was asked by his sister-in-law, Whitney Cummings, whose father owns Oxford Chiropractic of Seneca, and Oxford’s wife, who opened up the Barber Shop in Seneca.

But prior to participating in the race, they had to train.

“We are from Joplin, and so we have a pretty rigorous course up there for training,” said Cummings. “Plus we ate a lot of pizza (Friday night), so we are carbo loaded. We had an intense session of costume making to get into character. We also watched Independence Day and that made us pumped for this race. We figured if they could beat aliens, we could probably win the bed race.”

Cummings’ wife was the rider, while the four others pushed the bed on the course.

“I am excited, I think that it will be a lot of fun,” he said before the race. “I have never done something like this before. I feel like it will be interesting.”

The two teams made their way down the 40-yard course. In the end, the Flintstone team came in second place.

Asked if he would do the bed race again, Cummings said, “We might travel around Missouri and do this thing (bed races). It will be fun.”

The annual event also included a parade, children’s carnival, a Seneca’s Got Talent event, music by LiveWire and a 20-minute fireworks display from AM Pyrotechnics of Buffalo, Mo.