More than 20 candidates participated in the annual Newton County Fair Pageant on Sunday, at the First Free Will Baptist Church, Neosho.

This year's royalty are: Austin Evan as Little Mr. Newton County, Jori Todd as Little Ms. Newton County, Victoria Henson-Miyauchi as junior princess, Lacey Barnes as princess and Hannah Kuhn as the queen.

After the crowning, the Neosho Daily News asked Henson-Miyauchi, Barnes and Kuhn some questions about the event.

NDN: How excited are you for being named the queen?
Kuhn: I am extremely excited; it has been something that I wanted to do for quite sometime now.

NDN: What is your role going to be at the fair this year?
Kuhn: I am going to be passing out ribbons, just like everybody else. I will also try to be an advocate for agriculture and also a role model.

NDN: Are you going to be showing some animals this year?
Kuhn: Yes, I have five cows and I also have two pigs.

NDN: How important is agriculture to everyone?
Kuhn: It is very important, it is an every day aspect of everyone's life, whether you know it or not, pretty much every second you are doing something that involves agriculture.

NDN: How excited are you for receiving this princess title?
Barnes: I am extremely excited, because I have been in the princess pageant for three times, one time I got runner up and this time I won first place, so I am really excited.

NDN: Were you nervous today?
Barnes: Well, I have done a few fashion shows so I was not that nervous up on stage, I am kind of use to it.

NDN: How important is this title for you?
Barnes: It is very important to me, because it helps me gain responsibility and it is going to be a lot of fun.

NDN: How important is the princess at the fair?
Barnes: It is important at the fair because we don't just hand out ribbons, we can answer questions for people and we can help anybody find anyplace they need to be or anything.

Junior princess

NDN: Is this your first time running for this pageant?
Henson-Miyauchi: Yes. I am really excited. I am excited about the fair because I also get to show rabbits.

NDN: What are some of the roles that you will get to do at the fair, will you get to hand out awards?
Henson-Miyauchi: Yes. I don't know exactly what awards since this is my first year, it is my first year in 4-H (Lucky Clover), too.

NDN: Were you nervous up here today?
Henson-Miyauchi: Yes, I was very nervous.

The Newton County Fair starts Wednesday at the Newton County Fairgrounds. Neosho Daily News reporters will have coverage of the fair in Thursday, Friday and Sunday's editions.