JEFFERSON CITY — The contracts for the majority of 182 Missouri license offices will soon be up for renewal.

All of the license offices were put out for bid under the competitive procurement process in 2009. Contracts were awarded for a year with three one-year renewal options. The move toward a competitive procurement process in the license offices overhauled the way local motor vehicle and driver’s licenses offices are awarded and was one of the first actions of Gov. Jay Nixon’s administration.

“This is an opportunity for qualified individuals and groups to run a successful small business in Missouri,” said John Mollenkamp, acting director of the Missouri Department of Revenue.

Bidders must have an active Federal Employer Indentification Number (FEIN). Additional information on the procurement process is available on the DOR’s website,

The DOR, through the Office of Administration, will post a Request for Proposal (RFP) for each of the licensing offices in the coming weeks. Interested bidders will have about four weeks to bid on operating any of the offices.
Bids will be evaluated on areas such as expertise of the personnel proposed, methods proposed for performing the services and whether the individual or entity is a not-for-profit, political subdivision, a Missouri Certified Minority Enterprise (MBE), a Woman Business Enterprise (WBE) or a Missouri Services Disabled Veteran Enterprise.