Bright and early Thursday morning, fair participants showed their swines during the swine showmanship event at the Newton County Fair.

One of the participants was Bailey Louden, 15, of Diamond, a member of the Diamond Renegades 4-H Club. The Neosho Daily News caught up with her after the event to ask her some questions.

NDN: How many swines have you brought today?
Louden: Four.

NDN: How many years have you been showing and how did you get interested in showing swine?
Louden: I have been showing swine for about seven years. My brother started showing (swine), so I just started liking them.

NDN: How hard is it to take care of swine?
Louden: It is fairly hard, you just have to keep them cool. They are fun to take care of, but they are kind of hard too. They are pretty self-sufficient, you have to make sure that they have food and water and a pen to keep them in or they will get out.

NDN: How do you prepare for this fair showmanship event?
Louden: You get them out, walk them, so they wont run off in the arena. Just keep them on their feet, exercise.

NDN: When you were in the arena, you had to watch the judge and the swine, how hard is that to do?
Louden: It is fairly hard, you have just got to keep looking at them out of the corner of your eye.

NDN: How did you do in the judging competition?
Louden: All right, I guess. I got a blue ribbon.

NDN: What is next for you, are you going to the McDonald County Fair next week?
Louden: Yes, then either Lamar or Sarcoxie's fair.

NDN: Have you been to the state fair before?
Louden: Yes, I went one year. I did pretty good there, it was fun.

NDN: Compare the state fair to the Newton County Fair?
Louden: It (state fair) is different, it is a lot bigger.

NDN: What are you going to do with your pigs?
Louden: Two will go to a breeder and two, we will eat them.