Located in the rabbit barn, Brittany Winchester, 10, was brushing one of her rabbits during Thursday’s Newton County Fair.

“This one’s (name) is ‘Nightmare,’” she said. “I have five rabbits and I name them all.”

As far as why she named one of her rabbits “Nightmare,” Winchester said, “Because he is crazy — sometimes.”
She has showed rabbits about twice in her lifetime.

“They are fun,” Winchester smiled. “(They are) not really hard (to take care of). You have to brush them, cut their toenails, feed them, water them.”

Aside from showing her rabbits, Winchester said she was having fun at the fair.

Asked what she likes to do other than showing animals, she said with a smile, “just ride the rides.”

The fair concluded Saturday night.

McDonald County’s Fair will begin on Thursday in Anderson.