Seth Russell, 6, of Neosho, had a unique idea to catch a greased pig on Friday night at the annual Newton County Fair.

"Putting dirt on your hands," said Seth. "My mom (Renee Russell) told me."

At 7 p.m. Friday at the fairgrounds, children of all ages were broken up into age groups and entered the horse arena with one thing in mind: To catch a greased pig. The greased pig is one of the many highlights during the annual event.

This was Seth's second time to participate in the event.

"I didn't catch one (last time)," he said. "I was very close."

Seth and the others in his age group ran inside the arena to catch one of two greased pigs. Eventually, Seth caught his by cornering it near the pig pen.

"He was greasier than you think," Seth said.

Asked what he is going to name the pig, Seth said "Pork Chop."

"It is a good name," he said. "But I am not going to eat it. I might sell him."

Renee said Seth doesn't have pigs at their house, but he is good at catching chickens and goats.
She is pleased that he caught his first pig.

"I am happy that he got it, he has wanted to do it for a while," she said. "So I am glad that he got one this year."

For now, Seth is enjoying his pig.

"I will do it (greased pig event) again, I know that I will," he said.