Among the various McDonald County Fair participants, sisters Roslynn Hutson, 6, and Rylie Hutson, 8, showed registered Suffolk sheep.

Rylie’s sheep’s name is “Missy,” while Roslynn’s was “Gidget.”

Asked how they came up with the names for their sheep, the two sisters said the same answer, “(our) mom did.”

The Neosho Daily News asked them some questions about their fair show animals.

NDN: Are sheep hard to take care of?

Rylie: A little bit. Well, with Missy, we were trying to corner them one time and she just jumped in between two hay bales. Then Gidget came in right behind her and she got stuck so we had to pull her out.

NDN: What are some of the things that you get to do with your sheep?

Roslynn: You feed them every once a morning, and when at the fair, you have to clean up their poop every morning.

Rylie: I get to feed them, and water them and also let them out of the barn.

NDN: I understand that you are supposed to shear your sheep, do you do that or does somebody else do that?

Roslynn: No, that is my mommy and daddy’s job.

NDN: What are some of the fun things that you get to do with your sheep?

Rylie: When she starts to jump, I pull her halter down and then when I pull it up, she lays down.

NDN: Later on in life, are you still going to show sheep or some other type of animal?

Roslynn: We are trying to do pigs, we are going to start pigs soon.

NDN: What is so good about pigs?

Roslynn: You can show them and after you show them, you can eat them.

Standing nearby Roslynn and Rylie was their mom, Julie.

NDN: How important is it for not only your daughters but also others to participate in the fair?

Julie: It teaches them responsibility about animals. It teaches them how to get along with other people at the fair, because you are basically taking care of your animals 24/7 here for three days, so you have to get along with people next to you and everything so. And just have a good time.

NDN: Did you show animals when you were their ages?
Julie: Yes, I actually showed beef cattle. My husband is the one that did the sheep and hogs.

NDN: Are sheep easy for someone to start off with if they want to show animals at the fair.
Julie: You do have to put them up every night, you have to have a place that is secure and everything, but for the most part other than having to sheer them, they pretty much take care of themselves out in the field.

Both of the fair participants said they enjoyed the fair.

The fair concluded Saturday night.