Tonight, an Arkansas soul and pop singer will be on stage at Dabbs Greer Park in Anderson.
Dane Main – who goes by Dane – will be one of three singers that will play music at the park.

The event will start at 6 p.m., and Dane will take the stage at 8 p.m.

For Dane, to be a singer, it is a dream come true.

"I grew up in church choirs and school choirs, constantly. I took six years of voice lessons when I was in junior high and high school," he said. "I have been in and out of bands and things like that all of my life."

A few years ago, he tried out to be on the hit show, American Idol.

"In 2008, as a contestant at Kansas City at the Sprint Arena, I was there for three days, made it to the first three rounds and then I got cut," Dane said. "Then after that, another part of rejection that just built me up to proceed any further, I was bound and determined to try to land a record deal. So I started making demo CDs and start shooting them all out to the record labels that were accepting at that time. I did that for about two years, before finally getting on with TMG Music out of Oklahoma City. They called me one day and said they liked what they heard and they really wanted to meet me, so I went to Oklahoma City, toured their facilities, got the contract review."

Now, he has one album called "Wait and See," which will be released nationally on Sept. 27.
"It is a mix between pop and soul kind of music," he added. "In the past, I have been in country bands and soft rock bands. This (soul and pop) is the music that I absolutely love. I am really excited to get out there and promoting this album. I will actually have my album — which has eight songs — to sell on Friday night, just got them in."

He said he opted to perform at the park for a couple of reasons.

"Well, I did it because it was a charity event to help promote the public to get out and helping the community," said Dane. "I am big on outreaching with the community, I am big on shopping at local community stores and family restaurants. So, anywhere I can help add something to any of those causes, I am more than willing to do so and also it is good publicity, it is free publicity for me."

Dane said he is seeing more and more of his type of music coming into the industry.

"I see more and more artists getting out there and promoting this new style of music," he said. "It is no longer classified as rock or country or pop or hip hop, because there are so many influences in people's lives."

Dane said that he has some favorite musicians growing up, one of whom was Michael Jackson.

"Michael Jackson was a very big influence on me and music," he said. "He had such good abilities to create such good likeable music from so many different crowds. He had really good music."

And Dane's goal in life is to make his dream come true.

"My dream and my goal in life is to be a famous singer," he said. "And I have always told myself, I am bound and determined to make it happen or I am going to die trying."