On July 25, Yolly Ferrell had a birthday and she knew exactly what she wanted for a gift.

She wanted a trip to the Neosho National Fish Hatchery and a trip to the peach orchard near Wheaton. She got both gifts.

Yolly was born in the Philippines, and studied nursing as a young woman. Then, when she was 25 years old, a job placement brought her to America. She has been here ever since. She is still working in the medical field after all these years. She loves nursing and says the best part of this career choice is seeing patients make improvements.

Although technology has made great advancements in medicine which makes her job easier, helping patients is still the best reward.

Eric Ferrell is Yolly's husband and he was very happy on her birthday. It isn't often that a husband can fully provide the right birthday present.

He put it this way, "I'm just making a birthday wish come true."

Eric is retired and spends a lot of time doing volunteer work. His love of the outdoors is evidenced by the groups he spends his time with. He is a Master Naturalist, a Master Gardener and a member of a stream team.
Although he lives in Carthage, he has spent time in Neosho. He was part of a group who did restoration work at Morse Park in Neosho last year.

"Our group stood in poison ivy up to our waist and planted trees along the bank," he laughed.
He has also helped replant Joplin after the big tornado.

Eric was very happy to bring his wife, Yolly to Neosho for her birthday.

When Yolly was young and living in the Philippines, she was familiar with fish farms and got very interested in fish. Here in Southwest Missouri though, she doesn't have a chance to see fish farms. But, for a long time, she was familiar with the fish hatchery in Neosho, resulting in her wish to visit.

She made the trip to Neosho, looked at everything and read all the display boards. She was especially interested in the electronic display which describes all the fish that were ever raised in the Neosho hatchery.
The Ferrells. after their visit to the hatchery, left for the peach orchard.

These two people, celebrating a birthday and fulfilling a wish, are this week's good neighbors.