A longtime Neosho sporting goods store is closing its doors for good next month.

A longtime Neosho sporting goods store is closing its doors for good next month.

WXY Sporting Goods, 1104 W. Harmony St., will close Aug. 31, as owners Chuckie and Bill Andrews have decided to retire.

The business has been in Neosho nearly 36 years, and was started by Chuckie's parents, Ray and Rayleen Weems.

"My Mom and Dad started it on the square and then Mom moved out here where we're at now," Andrews said, noting that the sporting goods store was a way for her family to get involved in a business other than fast food. "We had the Dog 'N Suds Drive-In here first, but Dad wanted to do something different and so he thought a sporting goods store and that's how he started it."

When her mother retired 12 years ago, Andrews and her husband took over the family business.

Over the years the business has played a big role in the local community, providing uniforms to several area schools, Andrews said, including Neosho, Seneca, Diamond, McDonald County, and East Newton.

Though she looks forward to retirement, Andrews said saying goodbye to the family business is bittersweet.
"The area has really been good to us and I hate closing it," she said. "We just appreciate the area for making us a success. A lot of small mom and pops don't make it 36 years."

Andrews said the owners had attempted to sell the business, which would have allowed it to carry on, though that deal did not work out.

They have now sold their screen-printing equipment, and are in the process of selling the building and land.
The business is also holding a 50 percent off sale to let go of their inventory.

Andrews said the sale is expected to continue through August.