SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — A former Newtonia resident is now a captain with the Springfield Police Department.
Captain Greg Higdon spoke with the Neosho Daily News about his new position.

NDN: How long have you been with the Springfield Police Department?
Higdon: I started May 29, 1995. I graduated from East Newton High School in 1991, from MSSC in 1995 and SEMO/MSSU in 2012.

NDN: As captain, what are some of your responsibilities?
Higdon: Currently, I'm the division commander of Zone 2 and the Center City Zone of the Uniform Operations Bureau. I command 11 squads and their respective officers, corporals, sergeants and lieutenants. I also command the Community Services Section, which is the community- oriented policing unit and the Special Response Team.

NDN: What are your goals as captain?
Higdon: To assist the department in accomplishing its goals/objectives and to effectively command my division are — or should be — my goals for right now.

NDN: Was going into law enforcement your dream from the get-go?
Higdon: Yes, other than wanting to be a pro baseball player, being a police officer is all I ever wanted to be.

NDN: Name some of your accomplishments over the years with the department.
Higdon: I've spent time in Uniform Operations as a police officer, full/part-time Special Response Team member, and sergeant, both in patrol and on the Special Response Team. I was a detective corporal assigned to the Persons Section for almost six years, which included an assignment in the Robbery/Homicide Unit. I was promoted to lieutenant in 2009 and have been a patrol commander, a commander of the Community Services Section, and the Special Response Team commander.

NDN: How does it feel to be captain?
Higdon: I'm very proud of the accomplishment and appreciate the opportunity to better serve the department, the city and its citizens.

Higdon and his wife, Crystal, have two sons: Zach and Noah.