Organizers with the annual Day of Service are seeking volunteers to do a number of jobs in Neosho.

The event, sponsored by the Neosho Area Clergy Coalition, will be held from 2-5 p.m. Sunday, Sept. 8, beginning at Big Spring Park.

“This is our third annual Day of Service,” said Jim Lowans, with the clergy coalition. “Right now, we are in the process of collecting names of people who have specific jobs or we are working with the city on some specific jobs. We are also seeking volunteers. They don’t need to sign up, we are trying to get counts through the churches are involved. Last year, we had 12 churches and various ministries that were represented.”

Once assembled at the park, the groups head out to the various jobs that individuals have sought. The group will be offering help with small labor projects, including but not limited to: cleaning, picking up trash, working with flowerbeds, mowing or weed eating.

The event has grown over the years, Lowans noted.

“Last year, our count was right around 250 people volunteering,” he said. “It really took off. The first year we had around 160. We have hot dogs and food to eat, after everyone comes back to the park.”

As far as why they are doing this Day of Service, Lowans explained.

“When I took over a few years ago, the coalition they really called it, we thought about ‘what could we do to really help serve the community collectively?’ he said. “Obviously, every church is doing their part in serving the community, but what could we do collectively?’ And that particular year, Sept. 11 was on Sunday. So the idea was ‘let’s do a day of service on Sept. 11.’ Now what we do is we do it on the Sunday that is closest to 9-11. That way, it was connected with 9-11 in the sense of offering service to our community.”

They also do a few projects for the city.

“Last year, our big project on the day of service was restoring the cross at Big Spring Park,” Lowans said.

“Going into it, not really knowing, what kind of response we would get that first year, we were abundantly pleased with the number of people and with the number of churches and ministries that came on board,” added Lowans. “Last year, it increased. We are just hoping that this year it will increase.”

Asked about the future of the event, if he foresees it going into a two times a year event, Lowans said, “Certainly, the need (for two days) is there to do that, I think that we would have to get a little more volunteer help in the planning stages of it.”

For more information, call Jeremie Bridges at 540-1066.