Hitler used Darwinian Evolution to excuse murdering 6 million Jews.


By Jeanne Chatman

Atheists do not believe in God.  Their religion is the “Theory of Evolution,” which is still a theory after more than one hundred years.  They believe that all things just happened by accident over long periods of time.  According to them God did not create the Sun, Moon, Stars, Planets, gravity, centrifugal force, orbits of the planets, complexity of the life like DNA, genetics, and chromosomes.  They believe that those unexplained miracles just occurred by chance over billions of years without any Divine guidance.  Does that make sense?  I wonder how long they would predict a new house be built for them if someone dumped a pile of bricks in their yard?  Would a master builder be required to form the bricks into a house?  Maybe the bricks would just form themselves into a house by accident over a long period of time.  A person who believes that must have a lot of faith in their theory.  The “Theory of Evolution “is a faith based religion that is taught in school to our children.  No other ideas, facts or theories are allowed.  Their religion is very strict, and is in control of most educational textbooks..

Is the Earth billions of years old?  There is no reliable evidence that it is, only theories.  The theory of the Geologic Time Column dates the Earth's age at approximately 4.5 billion years. Darwinian Evolutionists need the Earth to be billions of years old to excuse their theory.  Evolutionists have no transitional fossils to support their theory.  There are no missing links or ape men bones or fossils to be found.  They have some old ape bones, that they call Australopithecus, which they claim were almost evolving into humans, but that theory is based upon unproven assumptions, not facts. So, the evolutionists depend upon long periods of time, that could have destroyed their imaginary evidence, to excuse their lack of evidence. There are 25 geologic column sites around the world.  These sites have errors, and are not true to the textbook explanation of the Geologic Column.  The layers in some sites are out of place, like the Cretaceous found deeper than the Cambian.  Index fossils are often found in the wrong strata.  Petrified trees are found going through several layers of different strata.    The layers are more consistent with a catastrophic flood, and sediment settling.  According to the Geological Time Column theory, the layers date the fossils and the fossils date the layers.  That is circular reasoning, and is not valid..  Those who believe in the Geologic Time Column theory dismiss all the errors in the 25 sites, and proclaim that their dating system is correct.   

The Theory of Darwinian Evolution is based upon Darwin’s racist book, “On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection or the Preservation of the Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life,” published in 1859,  London, England.  The book indicates that some people are more evolved than other people, and that the favored races are human, leaving the other races in an animal condition.  Guess who the favored races were according to Darwin’s book?  Europeans were depicted as the more highly evolved.  This horrible, ungodly, unbiblical theory, excused slave holders, who believed that their slaves were still in an animal state and could be treated like livestock.  Another Satanic incident that grew out of Darwin’s theory was the persecution of the Jews.  Adolph Hitler promoted Darwinian Evolution, and tried to persuade the masses of people in his country to believe that Jews were less evolved apes and needed to be destroyed to purify the human race.   However, multitudes of Christians did not believe him, and they tried to rescue as many Jews as possible from the death camps.  There were thousands of Christians imprisoned by Hitler during World War II for speaking out against him and for hiding Jewish people.

Hitler used Darwin's Theory of Evolution against the Jews by using this list to target them and other people that he considered less human.

                        HITLER’S LIST OF THE LESS EVOLVED

SPECIES                                                                                         BLOOD MIXTURE

Nordic (blond, blue-eyed)                                                                 Close to pure Aryan

Germanic (brown hair, blue-eyed, less desirable brown-eyed)             Predominantly Aryan

Mediterranean (white but swarthy)                                                      Slightly Aryan

Slavic (white but degenerative bone structure)                                     Half Aryan, half Ape

Oriental                                                                                              Slight Ape preponderance

Black African                                                                                      Predominantly Ape

Jewish (fiendish skull)                                                                           Close to pure Ape

Hitler justified himself in wiping out those that he deemed to be the less evolved .  He had Jews  declare to be animals with no rights.  Thus, he made it acceptable to treat them like livestock and kill them.  Six million Jews were murdered in the Holocaust. We must never forget the Holocaust, and we must never let it happen again.  Our youth must be taught about this historical event in history class, and it should not be covered up.