An investigation into stolen property by the Newton County Sheriff's Department, the Barry County Sheriff's Department and the Missouri Highway Patrol over the past few weeks has lead to the arrest of one individual and the retrieval of several stolen items.

Around 4 p.m. Tuesday, the Newton County Sheriff's Department served a search warrant at 904 Main St., Wentworth.

"Some information was given about a possible suspect," Newton County Sheriff Ken Copeland said. "Two of our detectives went to this guy's house Tuesday afternoon. His name is Garret Falls, 41. Detectives found him there, arrested him on an outstanding warrant for non-support (child support). And while they were there, they observed some trailers, ran some of the VIN numbers and saw that they were stolen."

They obtained a search warrant and went back to the house.

"We confiscated six stolen flatbed trailers, a drag race car and a boxed trailer that had been stolen out of Springfield, a backhoe, two trucks, three motorcycles, several stolen firearms — both long guns as well as handguns — a lot of construction equipment there was some welders and chainsaws," Copeland said. "Then in the house, we discovered some methamphetamine and marijuana."

The investigation is still ongoing, the sheriff noted.

"What we know so far, it appears as though different people were stealing these items, bringing them to him and he was moving the items," Copeland said. "We are still going through stuff, we have some of it down here (at the Newton County Sheriff's Office). Everything that we confiscated was actually in the computer as stolen so we know who the owners are. Some of the owners came to the scene last night to take some of the items. Barry County took their stolen items back with them."

Falls is currently being held on a $200,000 bond in the Newton County Jail. Charges pending include receiving stolen property, possession of drugs, felon in possession of firearms and an outstanding felony warrant for non-support.