Roger Becker enjoyed talking about his car — a 1925 Ford Model T — during Saturday's 55th Annual Wheaton Barbecue, sponsored by the Wheaton Volunteer Fire Department and held at the city park.

"I found it in a neighbor's grove when I was quite young, it was in the 1950s," he said. "I took it home, got it running, built the lower part of this body on it. I drove it several years, did a lot of things with it and then I sold the thing, which was a mistake, I guess. Then I saw an ad for it about 50 years after I sold it, here about five or six years ago, and between me and my sister, we bought it back."

Becker said that since he got the Model T back, he installed new pistons, a new camshaft, new valve guides and replaced all of the bushings in the transmission.

"All of the fenders and stuff are original, the engine stuff," Becker said. "I never checked the serial number but I assume the engine is."

One of the unique items on the car is the crank in the front. In the days, the person had to crank it to start the engine. Becker said he doesn't have to crank it to start it now.

"It is electric start," he said. "The crank is there in case you have a low battery."

Becker said he doesn't really take it to car shows in the area.

"It is just a fun thing to drive," he said. "I drive it down to the neighbors and around. I have taken it to Cassville a couple of times, which is about 15 or 16 miles from home."

Becker said he has gotten it up to about 37 miles an hour.

"I cruise about 35-38 with it," he said. "I had a guy follow me on a gravel road and he said I was going 37. It would probably do 45, but it would be hard on it."

Becker is trying to sell the Model T for $5,900.

"If I didn't have another one that I am working on, I wouldn't put this one for sale," he said. "It is a 1927 roadster."