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Getting Started (CMU Early Pregame Photos)
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Just a few from pregame.

For starters, always great to see the old alums back in town…if nothing else to show the kids how they did it back in the day…

Roy Roundtree - Michigan Dang, Treezy!!

New mural inside the Big House, outside the photo and opponent press conference rooms:

Michigan Football mural

DJ Hollywood warming up the students.   Junior Doug Trusell was first in line, around 6:30AM EDT.

DJ Hollywood

The students also entertained themselves with a few Yost-style games.  This was awesome:

Pure Awesome

Lewan in the Navy Seals chains:

Taylor Lewan

Two guys that won’t “score” tonight.  Well maybe–those are pretty good:The Zebras Score

Not the best shot of Harmon…

Tom Harmon inside Michigan Stadium

This one is better.   A sneak look at the special Notre Dame program for next week.  Order it here.  Gold embossed pic of Old 98, tried to demonstrate:

Michigan-Notre Dame Program 2013

Fresh..eat M&Ms with these and blow minds:

Michigan 'M' Glove


DG in the #134 gear:

Devin Gardner 2013

More later..

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