One of Newton County's most popular figures was back in Neosho this week.

One of Newton County's most popular figures was back in Neosho this week. Paxton Williams, who worked for the Carver Birthplace Association and entertained local people with his portrayal of George Washington Carver, visited a few friends in Neosho for two days.

Williams was on his way to see his parents in Mississippi, but decided to come through Neosho and Joplin on his trip back home. He attended the funeral of the Rev. Harry Givens, long time president of the Caver Birthplace Association on Tuesday morning and then made his way to Neosho. While in Joplin, he saw many friends who were associated with CBA.

Williams left Southwest Missouri three years ago to attended the University of Chicago School of Law. He recently graduated and took his Illinois bar exam and is now awaiting the results. In the meantime, he is job hunting.
Always a good storyteller, he told a story about leaving Chicago.

He said his apartment lease ended on the last day of August, but that was on a Saturday so there was no one to settle up with. The first day of September was Sunday and the second day of September was Labor Day, and still there was no one to return the keys to the apartment. As a result, he got three extra days of living in his quarters.
He laughingly said, "The first thing I did after graduating from law school was to become a squatter."
Williams said it was good to be back in Neosho and looks forward to his next visit.