Aug. 31 will always be a special day for Paul and Wanda Cordell of Rocky Comfort. That is the day they got married.

This year, they celebrated 70 years together.

Recently, the Neosho Daily News caught up with them and asked them some questions about their lives together.

NDN: Where did you get married?
Wanda: In Tulsa, we both lived in the country.

NDN: How did you meet?
Paul: We left the country and went to town.
Wanda: We met in the hotel where we lived.

NDN: Paul, how long did you court her and was it love at first sight?
Paul: Well, I guess that it probably was.
Wanda: It was for me. We maybe dated for eight months.

NDN: How have you all survived 70 years together?
Wanda: Well, he put up with me for the first 50 years, now I am putting up with him for the next 50 years. He was easy going and I had a temper. (Laughing).

NDN: What advice would you give others who are getting ready to get married?
Paul: Make up your mind that you are going to give and take. And that is the only way that you can get through this world.
Wanda: Well, getting married was in your head that you are going to stay married, not “if I get mad, I will get a divorce,” that is what I hear a lot of people do today (or) “well, if I don’t like it, I will get a divorce.”

NDN: I understand that you have some hummingbirds coming around here.
Wanda: Oh yes. About three summers ago, we made 261 gallon and a quart of juice for the hummers (hummingbirds). This year, we just barely got up to 90 (gallons).

NDN: I guess that the humming birds kind of like it around here.
Wanda: We got 30 pounds of sugar (to make hummingbird food) for our anniversary gift.

For their anniversary, family and friends gave them a reception at the Simco Church.