One of the Crowder's girls' athletic teams (probably basketball) has been doing their early morning workouts at Bob Anderson Stadium each week. I marvel at their work ethic as I walk along Wildcat Boulevard.

They run laps and do wind sprints, getting in shape for the upcoming season. Yet another group of young ladies also worked out at the stadium one morning. A group of girls were chattering and giggling as they gathered in the parking lot when I walked by the first time.

The next time I passed, the new bunch of ladies had assembled on the football field, the lights had been turned on, and their sponsor was giving instructions. I could tell it was the cheerleading team.

Soon a loud rock song was broadcast over the speakers and the young ladies began a cheerleading routine. I suspected they were tuning up for their first home appearance at the football game and high school assembly.

Besides the opening of football season, I have noticed several other signs of fall as I walk along each morning. One day a flight of eight geese flew overhead. They were not in the familiar V shape, so I assumed them to be local. I hadn't seen geese flying since last spring.

Then on Sept. 1, the dull thud of shotgun blasts was evident at sunrise. Sept. 1 is the opening of dove season, and many hunters must have been in the field.

Downing a flying dove is not an easy task. Their erratic flight makes shooting difficult. In fact, some experts claim that only one dove is harvested per box of 25 shells.

A few leaves are beginning to settle to the ground. I'm not sure if the dry weather is enhancing their fall from the trees or that is just that time of year. Ecclesiates 3:1 perhaps explains this best with: "To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under heaven."

Take a walk, realize fall is coming, be amazed how hard some of our young athletes work to achieve success, use those signal lights, and see what you notice while passing along Wildcat Boulevard.

Russell Hively writes a weekly column for the Daily News.