A local florist is participating in an international movement called the Lonely Bouquet.

A local florist is participating in an international movement called the Lonely Bouquet.

"We read about it in one of our floral magazines, it was a movement that started in Belgium," said Caroline Hanna, office manager of Beck Floral in Neosho. "What they did was started leaving flower arrangements around the town for people to find, kind of to brighten your day. We thought that it would be really neat to do that for the community here."
The local florist started to participate in this movement last week.

"We design a small bouquet in a reusable glass vessel every Monday and Wednesday morning," Hanna said. "We then take the arrangement and a camera so we can take a picture and then upload it to the shop's Facebook page as a clue for where to find it. The bouquet is placed in a different location in town each time."

There is no cost to either participate or to receive the arrangement, she noted.

When the person finds the bouquet, there is a card attached with it. The card reads: "I am all alone and looking for a new home...perhaps I can live with you, a friend, or a neighbor? My flower friends would love to hear from me and find out where I ended up. Please let them know on the Facebook page for Beck Floral and Gifts. (www.facebook.com/beck.floral.and.gifts)."

"When the person finds it, they are free to do whatever they want with it," she said. "They can either keep it for themselves or give it away to a friend."

As far as how long it takes a person to find the bouquet, Hanna said it depends.

"It pretty much takes the day, we get some people say, 'I think that I know where it is at,'" she said. "We had one time that I placed it, took a picture of it, then went back to the shop and somebody had found it."
Thus far, the response from this floral movement has been great.

"It has been pretty good," Hanna said. "The businesses that we leave it at have loved it."
And for the employees at Beck Floral, they are pleased with it as well.

"It is actually very exciting for us, we were all really excited and couldn't wait to get this started, it is nice to be able to give," she said. "You never know who is going to find it, they might have had a really bad day, they are going to find it and it just brightens up their day. It is a way for us to give back to everybody who has been very generous and loyal to us."

For more information, please call Beck Floral at 451-3681.