DIAMOND — On Saturday, the George Washington Carver National Monument will participate in two events at the monument: National Public Lands Day and also host a BioBlitz.

On BioBlitz, scientists and citizen scientists work together during the eight-hour event (8 a.m. to 4 p.m.), using scientific methods to find and identify as many different species as possible within the park. Data collected provides information useful in maintaining the park’s natural resources.

“We want to monitor the health of our steams in our park,” GWC supervisory park ranger Randall Becker, said about BioBlitz event. “And we do that by collecting aquatic life and depending on the species that you have that is kind of a good indicator of water quality.”

Registration is required and volunteers must be present for the entire event. To participate, contact Jan Hinsey at 417-836-3129 or via email: jan_hinsey@nps.gov. This event is limited to adults and children over 12 accompanied by a guardian.

“They will be in the streams collecting samples and we will have microscopes set up in the lab,” he said. “People can come in and take a look at what they have found. And talk to scientists about the importance of healthy aquatics systems and aquatic life.”

On the National Public Lands Day, it is a volunteer-led effort to plant native flowers, control invasive species, and clean up areas throughout the park.  Volunteers-In-Parks (VIPs) will plant native flowers in small beds, pull and cut invasive species, and gather debris along park trails and grounds. The event will be held from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Registration will be in the visitor center area the morning of the event.

National Public Lands Day provides a dramatic and productive opportunity to pitch in and help improve the public lands. One-third of the land area of the United States is in public ownership. This includes federal, state, city and county lands. These 700 million acres are used and protected for water supply, timber, minerals, recreation, wildlife management, scenic beauty, environmental education and much more. This day of service provides individuals the opportunity to join nearly 175,000 other volunteers in the U.S., to improve the public lands and learn about the need for shared stewardship of the nation’s valued and important places.

For more information, call GWC National Monument at 325-4151.