The rain didn’t hamper the 38th annual Newtonia Fall Festival Saturday.

The event included music, food, and arts and craft vendors showcasing their items.

One of the vendors was Dana Sybert of Priceless Spices, Inc., Joplin. She began the business seven years ago.

The Neosho Daily News caught up with Sybert and asked her about her vendor booth.

NDN: Talk about the business, Priceless Spices.
Sybert: It is a home-based business, that is what I do in my spare time, I do work full time, but I got started doing Christmas gifts for people and trying to just come up with an idea for something that I could do a lot of people. So, about three months after Christmas, people were coming back and saying ‘can I have just a little bit more of that?’ so that is when I decided to go ahead and start the business.

NDN: What do you offer?
Sybert: I have different seasonings, and dip mixes also. I try to keep it simple with just a couple of ingredients, something that you can put together quickly because I understand that people don’t have a lot of time, sometimes. I do have several seasonings that don’t have any salt or sugar, so for people who have dietary restrictions.

NDN: How hard is it to make your spices and your dips?
Sybert: I listen to my customers a great deal. If people say they are looking for something, then I try to come up with ideas for that. It is easy to do, I mean, I buy the actual ingredients in bulk. And then I create my own recipes. It is fun trying to find something new, trying to create, I have got a new ranch dip.

NDN: What are some of your recipes that are popular?
Sybert: The spud spices are the most popular seasoning, you can put it on potatoes or any kind of vegetable or people put it on popcorn. The Italian steak seasoning is really popular; I actually came up with that one, specifically for the Grotto, when it was in Neosho. That is how I got started, (Vicki Boyt) let me use her kitchen on the weekends when she was closed.

NDN: With your dry dips mixes, what do you have to add to them?
Sybert: You just add two ingredients, one cup of sour cream and one cup of mayonnaise.

For more information, contact Dana Sybert at 529-1767 or or visit