FAIRVIEW — Three brothers have sought their Eagle Scout badges with a community project at the Fairview City Park.
Last week, brothers Eli Carter, 15, and Blaine and Blake Carter, both 13 and all members of Boy Scout Troop 64, did a few projects in the park ranging from painting playground equipment to a concrete water trough to some buildings.
The Daily News asked them some questions about their projects.

NDN: How did you come up with your project?
Blaine: At first I was going to do cook shack and the restrooms, I was going to do the merry-go-round and the teeter totter. But then we found out that would not be enough service hours, then we had the idea of replacing the door on the restrooms. Painting and scraping both the cook shack and restrooms.
Eli: I am doing the fire pit, he merry-go-round and the teeter totter. We are just scraping off all of the paint and repainting it to make it look nicer for the park.
Blake: We just finished with the trough, we scraped off all of the paint and cleaned the outside. We also planted flowers. I was also doing the tetherball pole.

NDN: Did you approach the Fairview City Council?
Eli: Yeah, it was a Tuesday (council meeting) and we explained our projects and they were approved right there on the spot.

NDN: You had donations that helped with this project?
Eli: They (Meeks of Monett) gave us gift certificates, $100 each, but they donated a little more than that. It was really nice of them.
Blake: Everyone was very helpful.

The scouts painted the buildings beige and planted mums at the base of the water trough.

NDN: How excited are you about this project?
Blake: Well, I am pretty excited because after this we will then go in for a board of review (for the final step in the Eagle Scout badge).
Blaine: I am really excited that we were able to finish it before Blake and I turned 14. I don't think that we will have to do this (paint) for a couple of years, at least.
Eli: I am really excited how well it looks. It looks so much better than I originally pictured.