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Oct. 7, 2013 5:25 p.m.

So, I forgot a few important “hair” photos yesterday. At a time when I had no clue how to explain to Sophie (4 years old) about cancer and what was about to happen. I made the choice to take Sophie to get my wig, and make it a fun thing. It was just that:) She named my wig and it turned something heart wrenching into a day I will never forget. Kaylee was 9 at the time and this conversation was something she could grasp, even if it was just a tiny bit….I could try to explain things to her. Sophie at 4 years old just couldn’t. I sat Kaylee down, and with tears streaming down my face I promised to do everything in my power to beat this demon. She didn’t have many questions, but I knew when she was ready, she would ask them. But….. a 4 year old? How could I ever begin to explain it to her? So, I did the best I could….and that was it. My mom, Sophie and I headed to the wig shop…and these pictures followed:) Some fun pictures of me and my family wearing my wig too:enjoy

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