On Friday, the public was invited to attend the open house of the new Heartland Kidney and Dialysis Center, 833 N. Business 49, Neosho.

"We are a 14 chair unit, so we can run 14 at a time," said Ashley Missavage, facility manager of Heartland Kidney and Dialysis Center, Neosho. "Right now, we are running two shifts and we have about 20 patients right now."
Asked what dialysis is, Missavage said, "we are just taking the blood from people whose kidneys don't work properly and don't remove the toxins that regular kidneys would. So we are just filtering out all of the extra potassium and sodium and other electrolytes that would build up and make them sick. We will take all of that extra out and then the extra fluid that they put on their body, that their kidneys don't filter out either, we take that extra fluid off."

Patients typically spend anywhere from three to four hours in the chair getting dialysis. The center has patients who are located in the Neosho area.

Also on Friday, the center recognized one of the patients who has been on dialysis for 30 years.

"I had kidney failure due to having a cyst problem and it suppresses the function to where eventually you don't have any," said Jerry Faules, 70, who has been on dialysis for 30 years. "I am here three hours a (day for) treatment three times a week."

Being on dialysis, Faules said he has had to make some changes.

"You do have to make some modifications, like in your diet and the way that your health does," he said.

Those in attendance were treated to refreshments and could also look around the center. The center first started seeing patients at the end of May of this year.