This past weekend, class members of the Neosho High School Class of 1953 held their 60th class reunion.

The reunion consisted of a couple of receptions, along with a time to talk to one another and also a banquet – which was held on Saturday at the Big Spring Lodge, in Neosho. The classmates traveled from near and far away.

One of the classmates was Bradie Metheny, of Dartmouth, Mass.

"I am very honored to be here, number one to be here is a big point and number two, I came into this class late, I had traveled around, been to a lot of different schools and when I got here, I was home," said Metheny. "There is something about Neosho and this group of people."

Metheny came to Neosho High School in April 1952 and graduated with the class in 1953 on May 21, 1953.

He said that he has attended some of the other class reunions in the past.

Metheny also remember the Neosho Square.

"The square was much more active," he said. "I worked at the Big Spring Inn, that was a gorgeous spot, I was a desk clerk, bell hop and it was a great place to be. The people of this community, several business people, really did try to help those of us who worked to make a living."

Asked what is something that he remembers about back in 1953, Metheny referred to "community."

"I remember a sense of community. There were a number of us who had to work, there were people who really looked out for us," he said.

After graduating from high school, Metheny worked for a while in the FBI in the fingerprinting division. Later he went into journalism.

"Ken Cope (former publisher of the Neosho Daily News and also a 1953 graduate of NHS Class of 1953) did a lot to it, he got my career going," he said.

Another classmate who made the trek to his reunion was George Cramer, who lives in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

"For me, it was certainly a big step in my life," Cramer said. "I came from a rural area in the farming area, came to town in the ninth grade, knew very few, except for three or four of my peers who came with me from that rural school."
Cramer said he keeps in touch with his classmates every year or two.

"I maintain some close personal relationships with some of them," he said.

During the banquet, they also had the opportunity to see some of the photographs and other memorabilia from over the years. Door prizes were given away and a class photograph was taken.

On Sunday morning, they had the chance to have a breakfast at the hotel before each of them left.