Another jam packed weekend of sports is upon us. I have said before that this is my favorite time of year and this weekend is a perfect example of why.

Another jam packed weekend of sports is upon us.  I have said before that this is my favorite time of year and this weekend is a perfect example of why. 

By now everyone who cares knows that the St. Louis Cardinals defeated the Pittsburgh Pirates on Wednesday night to advance to the National League Championship Series to face the Los Angeles Dodgers.  Game 1 of that series is tonight in St. Louis.  Joe Kelly gets the Game 1 start for the Cardinals and Zach Greinke gets the start for the Dodgers.  Greinke hasn’t pitched all that well against the Cardinals in the past but did have a good outing against them back in August.  Kelly is young and can be erratic at times but I think he deserves the Game 1 start given the option available to the Cardinals.  I don’t think Lance Lynn can handle the pressure of making a Game 1 start, it would not be a good idea in my opinion to bring Michael Wacha back on three days rest and obviously Adam Wainright pitched on Wednesdaynight so he isn’t an option.  If Kelly can establish himself early and not let the pressure get to him then he will be fine.  Once again I think it is essential the Cardinals win the first two games at home.  We are dealing with a seven game series instead of a five game series now but the Cardinals don’t want to put themselves in a position where the Dodgers can win the NLCS at home.  I don’t think either team can win four in a row against the other one so this series really needs to come back to St. Louis in my opinion in order for the Cardinals to win it.  I really think this series will go the full seven games. 

Once again local Cardinals fans who do not have Dish Network or DirecTV are left out in the cold as the ongoing contract negotiations between Cable One and Time Warner/Turner are still ongoing and appear to be stalled from what I have been able to gather.  Unless some sort of resolution has been reached that I’m not aware of then the fans are the ones made to suffer.  I actually have very strong opinions regarding this whole mess even though I’m not affected by it but should probably keep them to myself because I’m sure I don’t have all the information. 

The American League Championship Series starts tomorrow night with the pitching of the Detroit Tigers going up against the offense of the Boston Red Sox in what should be an interesting series.  Detroit and Oakland played five outstanding games and Boston is well rested so it will be interesting to see who gets the upper hand. 

The Missouri Tigers face their toughest test of the year tomorrow as they face the Georgia Bulldogs on the road in a game that appeared to be a prime candidate for a blowout a couple of weeks ago but now looks much more intriguing.  I don’t think it will be intriguing enough for Mizzou to win but I do think it will be much closer than I originally thought.  It will be a very strong test for the Tigers defense as Georgia has an explosive offense.  Since nobody in the SEC appears to even attempt to play defense it may be an offensive shootout which will no doubt be fun to watch but I don’t think Mizzou has the firepower the need to overcome one of the best teams in the country. 

The Truman State Bulldogs are on the road for the second week in a row to play a team they haven’t played in 52 years.  The Bulldogs travel to Liberty, MO to play William Jewell University on Saturday as the Bulldogs try to go 2 and 0 in GLVC play.  These two teams last met in the 1961 football season.  This should be another easy victory for Truman in my opinion and should give them lots of momentum heading into next week’s homecoming game. 

Speaking of homecoming, tonight is the homecoming game for the Kirksville High School Tigers as they take on Mexico at Spainhower Field at 7:00.  KHS is coming off a huge victory at Booneville last week and should also have a lot of confidence going in as they played relatively close games with both Hannibal and Moberly who are two of the top teams in the state.  You never know what to expect from Mexico but Kirksville has generally done well against them in the past and I’m looking for a Tigers victory tonight. 

The Kansas City Chiefs attempt to go 6 and 0 as they play their archrival the Oakland Raiders at Arrowhead on Sunday.  The Raiders are not a particularly good team and the Chiefs should handle them easily in my opinion.  The Raiders did pick up a victory last week against San Diego but the Chargers played about as badly as a team could play especially in the first half.  The Chiefs start a stretch of three straight games at home and I see no reason why they can’t win all three of them.  The Raiders offense isn’t that good which should play right into the Chiefs hands.  The Raiders defense is OK which should lead to a fairly low scoring game but that also kind of plays into the Chiefs hands.  Either way you look at it I think the Chiefs are in an excellent position to remain undefeated. 

The St. Louis Rams are in Houston to play the Texans on Sunday in the Disappointment Bowl.  The Texans were supposed to be one of the top teams in the NFL this year but have gotten off to a horrible start and show no signs of getting any better.  The Rams were expected to be much better than they are and although they won last week they didn’t look all that great doing it against a very bad Jacksonville Jaguars team.  This has the makings of not being a pretty game to watch.  That and the fact the Chiefs are playing at the same time will most likely mean it won’t get watched here at blog headquarters. 

In what may prove to be a futile attempt to get me to watch them NASCAR’s fifth race in the Chase for the Cup takes place tomorrow night in Charlotte.  The last time I checked Matt Kenseth was still leading in points with Jimmie Johnson in second.  Jeff Gordon who didn’t even qualify for the Chase but was put there because he’s Jeff Gordon and NASCAR’s ratings are slipping has the pole for tomorrow night’s race which does not bode well for my TV. 

We’ll be back on Monday for a look back at all of this weekend’s sports action and a look ahead to another busy week as the Cardinals will be in LA for Game 3 of the NLCS and Boston and Detroit will be headed to Detroit for Game 3 of the ALCS of Tuesday.  We’ll also have a look back at the Chiefs, Rams, Bulldogs, plus the Mizzou and KHS Tigers and whatever else we can fit it.  Keep the conversation going by following me on Twitter KDE Blog.  Thanks for checking out this and all the other blogs on the site.

Have a great weekend!